Network charger – CHG 70N
CHG 70N是一款具有两个独立充电槽的支持网络的充电器。
物品号 509455
Network charger – CHG 70N

Sennheiser EW-DX借助精湛的技术,提供可轻松扩展的数字UHF系统,从而简化您的专业工作流程。凭借其先进的功能设置和硬件选项,教室、企业园区和现场演出产品均可从无缝集成的网络系统中受益。

  • 通过Sennheiser Control Cockpit和第三方应用程序进行控制和监控。

  • 2个充电槽:为EW-DX SKM、EW-DX SK或BA 70充电

  • 经由PoE或PSU供电

  • PoE IEEE 802.3af Class 3

  • 2小时充电时间(0 ~ 80%),3小时充满至100%

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  • CHG 70N充电器
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  • 规格表
    • Product specification - CHG 70N (230 KB) 下载

  • 技术图纸
    • Dimensions CHG_70N (2 MB) 下载

    • Dimensions CHG_70N (STP) (25 MB) 下载

  • Instruction Manual & Frequently asked questions
    • 使用说明书 & 常见提问 - Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D | EW-DX | EW-DP) (HTML) 下载

    • Instruction manual and frequently asked questions - Evolution Wireless Digital (EW-D | EW-DX | EW-DP) (PDF) (24 MB) 下载

      This PDF document is a PDF export of an interactive manual in HTML format. When displayed in PDF format, it is possible that not all content and interactive elements in the HTML instructions are included, as these cannot be displayed in PDF format. We recommend using the complete and interactive HTML instructions. You can find these in the Sennheiser Documentation App, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android. Alternatively, the HTML instructions are also available in this download area.

  • 快速指南
    • Sennheiser Control Cockpit - How to Guide (440 KB) 下载

  • 3rd Party Integration
    • Sennheiser Sound Control Protocol - EW-DX EM 2 (Firmware 1.1.3) (510 KB) 下载