“The transmission quality is fantastic!”

Sennheiser TeamConnect for audio conferences at Cologne’s Solution Space


Provide an all-in-one audio solution for a 25 sq. m. conference room for web conferencing which has great sound and is easy to use by all different kinds of people.


The Sennheiser TeamConnect conferencing system was recommended to Solution Space. The wired conference system allowed easy installation and offered optimal audio quality for web conferences.

“I love the fact that you can walk wherever you like around the conference room and talk at normal volume and the person at the other end of the line can hear every word you say.”

- Stefanie Weidner, Managing Partner of Solution Space Innovation GmbH -

Since January 2015, the conference room at Solution Space in Cologne has been equipped with a Sennheiser TeamConnect system. This unusual office building is home to numerous ambitious start-ups, who find the perfect working conditions in the 1950s-style interior that has been lovingly renovated with great attention to detail. The focus is on connectivity and a creative exchange of ideas, helped by the cosy atmosphere of the Solution Space Café and several co-working areas. By arrangement, the facilities in the building are also available to external users.

  • Customer Solution Space Cologne
  • Products installed Sennheiser TeamConnect
  • 网站 http://solutionspace.de
  • Country Germany
  • Industry Co-Working Space, Conferencing
  • Profile The Solution Space offers on 3500m² more than 65 offices, a co-working space and conference rooms for all different kinds of businesses.

A 25 sq.m. conference room with a view of Cologne Cathedral is a highly popular venue. Audio conferences with participants from all over the world are a regular occurrence – and a Sennheiser TeamConnect system ensures optimum audio quality for trouble-free communication.

A cable with a mini jack plug makes it possible to connect a smartphone. “The popularity of TeamConnect really took off when we installed connection cables for iPhones,” said Stefanie Weidner, Managing Partner of Solution Space Innovation GmbH. “Many people regularly hold audio conferences in our building using their iPhones. So in our conference room, you now simply have to plug in your smartphone and everything works perfectly – and the transmission quality is fantastic! Even for those with no technical background, using the system is child’s play, as our new conference room system is like having a huge headset with very good sound. Handling problems or interference just don’t exist.”

The system includes a CU 1 central unit, which is installed out of the way in a sideboard. Two Cat 5 cables go to the conference table, where a CB 1 Combox and an SL MIC HUB 1 are installed out of sight under the tabletop. On top of the table are four attractively designed MEB 114-S microphones. The side wall accommodates two Sennheiser SL 52 AW active loudspeakers, which, in spite of their compact dimensions, are not only used for speech but can also play music in absolutely convincing quality.

Stefanie Weidner sees Sennheiser’s new TeamConnect system as an additional USP for Solution Space: “Not every company has such a high-quality audio conference system at its disposal,” the company founder said proudly. “During my professional career, I have been confronted with various conference systems in different situations, and they were always much more complicated to use than TeamConnect. You often needed to install special software and then perform various settings before anything worked at all. And you weren’t able to run the programs that you usually like to use, such as Google Hangouts. I think it’s great that TeamConnect has been designed around its users and is focused on their requirements.”

Sennheiser TeamConnect is a professional meeting solution that combines excellent sound with user-friendly operation in an extremely attractive design. The high-quality all-in-one system for fixed installation in conference rooms includes all the necessary components for carrying out stress-free audio conferences with up to 16 persons: loudspeakers, microphones, a central control unit and automated connectivity management. The participants’ own mobile devices such as smartphones, tablet computers or laptops can be easily connected to the system using a jack plug or USB connector, enabling them to use their familiar programs – BYOD is no longer a problem.

Operation is intuitive and the system can be used even by technically inexperienced persons without special instruction, which means that no service staff are required to be present when the system is in operation. A telephone connection can be etablished using an iOS app. Sennheiser TeamConnect enables conference participants to concentrate on the discussion itself – experience has shown that relaxed meetings not only improve productivity but also cut costs and save time. Further information about Sennheiser TeamConnect can be found on the internet at www.sennheiser.com/teamconnect.

TeamConnect is proving to be a great success at Cologne’s Solution Space (www.solutionspace.de): “So far, no one has asked us to explain how to use the Sennheiser system, and that’s something that I greatly appreciate as a system operator,” said Stefanie Weidner. “I also love the fact that you can walk wherever you like around the conference room and talk at normal volume and the person at the other end of the line can hear every word you say.”

TeamConnect Wired

TeamConnect Wired

The TeamConnect conferencing system is the all-in-one audio conferencing solution for your meeting room. Whether via VoIP or landline - TeamConnect connects teams in meetings across all borders in highest quality Sennheiser speech- and sound quality. 更多细节

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