HD 600

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HD 600 Avantgarde 是高保真质量、开放动圈的hi-fi/专业立体声耳机。先进的振膜设计除去了振膜物质中的驻波。HD 600 可以直接连接到高质量的hi-fi 系统上,包括 DAT, DVD, MD 和 CD 播放机. 此耳机也是专业录音工程师录制古典音乐的理想选择。


  • 精密的内部设计,优雅的黑色和灰色外表

  • 高质量、开放金属网外壳,通透的声音

  • 采用计算机优化的磁石系统,将谐波和互调失真降至很小

  • 轻铝质线圈确保卓越的瞬间响应

  • 钕铁磁石系统带来上佳的灵敏度和宽动态范围

  • 超常的天然、空间感、准确的声音

  • 可拆的OFC铜缆,非常低的接触噪声

  • 2年质保


  • HD 600耳机
  • 3.5mm到 6.3mm的转换插头


  • 佩戴方式
  • 颜色
  • 频率响应(耳机)
    12 - 40500 Hz
  • 接触压
    6.0 N ± 1 N
  • 接头
    3,5 mm stereo jack plug
  • 适配器
    3,5/6,3 mm 立体声
  • 线材长度
    3 m
  • 标称阻抗
    300 Ω


  • What amplifiers are recommended for Sennheiser headphones?

    Other than recommending the Sennheiser HDVD 800 and HDVA 600 amplifiers for our high end audiophile headphones we do not provide amplifier recommendations because there are simply too many factors (including cost, features, etc) that need to be accounted for when choosing an amplifier.

    For amplifier recommendations Sennheiser suggests that our customers check out this headphone forum (www.head-fi.org) where the moderators and member test a variety of different amplifiers of varying costs and features and can provide feedback on how the different amplifiers perform under different circumstances.

    HD 600 ( #508824 )
  • What is the difference between "open" and "closed" ear cups on headphones?

    With Sennheiser headphones the audio will always be accurate and responsive and is sure to please no matter what situation you need it for.

    An open (sometimes referred to as "open aire" headphone is one that uses some external airspace to reproduce life-like audio within the ear-cup. Think of it as having premium speakers next to your ears that you can control the volume for with extreme precision. The trade-off is that at extreme volumes some sound will leak out. Some of our "open aire" models include the HD 800, HD 700, HD 650, HD 600, HD 598, HD 558 and HD 518.  

    A closed headphone isolates you from your environment and vice-versa (ie: the sound is contained within the headphones). This is perfect for critical listening or a situation where you do not want to disturb/be disturbed. Some of our "closed" models include the MOMENTUM, Urbanite XL, HD 380 PRO, HD 280 PRO, HD 449 and HD 439.

    HD 600 ( #508824 )


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      Version 07/2019

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