On-Table Boundary Microphone

MEB 114-S

Wired table boundary microphone with half-cardioid pickup pattern. Thanks to its sturdy housing and high-quality microphone capsule, the MEB-S 114 guarantees optimum speech intelligibility. The MEB 114-S has a programmable microphone button (PTT, PTM, Toggle on/off, Permanent on) and a two-color LED ring as a status indicator. The TTL logic output on the underside can be used to activate a camera or media control system. The model is available in black and white color.


The sturdy on-table boundary layer microphone MEB 114 constitutes an improvement for any conferencing system. In its –S version it additionally features a programmable microphone button (PTT, PTM, toggle ON/off, permanent on), and a bi-color LED ring for status indication. A camera or media control system can be triggered via the TTL logic out on the bottom side. Thanks to its rugged housing and its high-quality microphone capsule the MEB 114 ensures the best speech intelligibility.


  • Microphone modes
    Toggle on/off
    Push to mute
    Push to talk
    permanent on (external LED control)


  • MEB 114 Microphone
  • Quickguide
  • Cable


  • 颜色
    nextel grey
    LED light ring: red / green
  • 尺寸
    85 x 100 x 25 mm (WxDxH)
  • 接头
    clip contact, trigger signal at the logic connector: Logic in (LED control), GND, Logic out (switch signal)
  • 频率响应
    40 Hz – 20 kHz
  • 最大声压级
    140 dB
  • 换能原理
    pre-polarized condenser microphone
  • 重量
    291 g
  • 拾音模式
  • 标称阻抗
    200 Ω
  • 幻像供电
    P 24 - P 48
  • 工作温度
    -10 ° … +50 °C
  • 等效噪声电平
    29 dB (A)
  • 根据CCIR 468-3标准加权测量的等效噪声电平
    39 dB (CCIR)
  • 电流消耗
    5.3 mA
  • 输出电压
    Logic out: High level output voltage > 2.4 V, low level output voltage < 0.4 V
  • 输出电压
    Logic in: High level input voltage > 2.0 V, Low level input voltage < 0.8 V
  • 声学
    boundary layer microphone
  • 动态范围
    111 dB (A)
  • 灵敏度
    10 mV/Pa


  • 规格表
    • Product Specification MEB 114, MEB 114-S (340 KB) 下载

    • Product specification Dante™ Kit MEB 114-S (390 KB) 下载

  • 快速指南
    • 简要说明 MEB 114/-S (310 KB) 下载

  • 电子宣传册
    • Product brochure SpeechLine Wired (1.9 MB) 下载

  • 技术图纸
    • Outline dimensions MEB 114-S (DWG) (430 KB) 下载

  • 安全提示和监管信息
    • 安全提示 Speechline Series (1.5 MB) 下载

  • 使用说明书
    • Instruction Manual SpeechLine Wired (5.1 MB) 下载

  • 技术信息
    • Connection Guide MEB 114 & MEB 114-S (440 KB) 下载

    • Connection Guide 2x MEB 114-S with Polycom SoundStructure (190 KB) 下载

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