MKE 400
物品号 502047

坚固,精巧和功能全面,只为优秀的视频声音:MKE 400是一款小型短枪话筒,用于带底座的摄像机,或作为外部话筒输入。

  • 坚固的全金属外壳

  • 最大化侧边噪声抑制,为视频录制做了优化

  • 根据距离长短,对灵敏度进行切换

  • 可切换的空气噪声过滤器

  • 大约300小时的工作时间(一支AAA电池)

  • 完整防震结构,抑制操作噪声

  • 包含防风罩

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  • MKE 400及卷缆(3.5 mm立体声迷你插口)
  • 1 节电池 (size AAA)
  • 1防风罩

Product Support Phone

Product Phone

  • Will the MKE 400 plug into my iPhone?
    No. The MKE 400 is designed for use with devices like a DLSR cameras. Apple devices utilize a specific wiring configuration.

  • How long will the battery of the MKE 400 last?
    A single AA battery will provide approximately 300 hours of operating time.

  • What does the low cut filter do on the MKE 400 do?
    The low cut filter limits the pick up of low frequencies and helps reduce wind noise.

  • What does the sensitivity setting on the MKE 400 do?

    The sensitivity setting helps adjust for different noise environments and different camera sensitivity settings.

    For loud sound circumstances or if connecting to a camera with extremely high input sensitivity the sensitivity setting would need to be set to the normal sensitivity (ie: left position). For extremely quiet sound circumstances or if connecting to a camera with low input sensitivity the sensitivity switch would need to be set to the high sensitivity position (ie: right position).


  • 欧盟符合性声明
    • EU Declaration of conformity MKE 400 (1.1 MB) 下载

  • 规格表
    • Product specification MKE 400 (120 KB) 下载

  • 使用说明书
    • Instruction manual MKE 400 (260 KB) 下载